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Clinical Data on NeuroAiD™

October 5th, 2009

Two clinical studies were implemented in 1999-2000 in China. The clinical studies conducted in China, were double-blind controlled clinical trials where NeuroAiD efficacy was assessed versus another Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) proven to be superior to Citicoline in separate trials.

605 ischemic stroke patients at a late stage (14 days-2months after the stroke onset ) were enrolled in these studies: 201 patients for the first trial and 405 patients for the second one.
Efficacy was assessed after one month of treatment. As per most of stroke trials, they consisted of measuring functional outcomes (independence ) and neurological deficit with standard scales these scales are akin to the mRS (modified Rankin Score) and National Institute of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS), the standard stroke scales used presently in stroke clinical research.
The meta-analysis of these two studies showed an odd ratio of 2.4 (p=0.007) of reaching independence as well as a further reduction of 25% of motor deficits for subjects receiving Neuroaid vs subjects from the control group. These results have been peer reviewed and published recently in Stroke – click here to read the full paper.