About NeuroAiD™

neuroaidNeuroAiD™ was first known as a Traditional Chinese Medicine drug marketed in China for approved-indication of cerebral infarctions functional and neurological deficits, i.e. helping patient recover from their disabilities after a stroke. NeuroAiD™ is marketed outside of China by Moleac Pte Ltd. Since its first commercialization in 2006, NeuroAiD™ has shown a stable and rapid growth internationally. As of today NeuroAiD™ is marketed and registered in a eighteen countries in South East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and CIS regions. In 2012 further geographic expansion is expected.

Pharmacology research has established the neuroprotective and neurorestorative activities of NeuroAiD™ providing possible mechanisms for neurological recovery in post stroke patients.

Papers published in the journal Neuropharmacology in 2010 and 2011 established that NeuroAiD increases neurogenesis, neuroplasticity and neuroprotection and amplifies self repair and self protection of the brain.

NeuroAiD amplifies endogenous processes of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity:

  • NeuroAiD stimulates the production of the Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which is known to promote neuroplasticity
  • NeuroAiD induces neurogenesis in rodent and human cells, and stimulates the development of new neuronal circuits by promoting cell proliferation and the development of dense axonal and dendritic networks by increasing the expression of BDNF and AKT

NeuroAiD amplifies a number of self defense processes in the brain:

  • NeuroAiD prevents neuronal death in an in vitro model of excitotoxicity using primary cultures of cortical neurons exposed to glutamate.
  • Another rodent model of global ischemia confirmed the positive effect of NeuroAiD in treating cognitive and motor deficits induced by global ischemia
    NeuroAiD used in post global ischemia protects neurons against ischemic injury in the CA1 region of the hippocampus which plays a critical role in memory
  • It inhibits neuronal cell death, protects neurons against DNA fragmentation, stimulates pathways involved in neuroprotection such as phosphoryration of the AKT protein and reduces oxidative stress

The registration in China was supported by the results obtained from initial double-blind control randomized studies performed in China from 1999 to 2001 on 605 ischemic stroke patients at restoration stage. These studies evidenced NeuroAiD’s efficacy to improve stroke patients’ ability to recover even when started several weeks after the stroke onset. Given its unique profile in attending stroke patients’ needs with a very safe profile, NeuroAiD™ presents a strong opportunity to fill a gap in stroke patients’ treatment in the West.

1. NeuroAiD™ is the trade name for Danqi Jiaonang in several countries outside China.


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