Trial Results and Publications

Prognostic factors for poorer outcome, particularly baseline stroke severity and treatment delay, improve the power of demonstrating the treatment effect of MLC601.

  • Prognostic Factors and Pattern of Long-Term Recovery with MLC601 in CHIMES-E study.
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Beneficial effect of MLC601 in Filipino cohort is durable up to 2 years after stroke.

  • Durability of beneficial effect of MLC601 on functional recovery among stroke patients from the Philippines in the CHIMES and CHIMES-E studies.
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Trend for a higher proportion with good functional outcome with NeuroAiD is seen in Female gender.

  • Gender and treatment effect in CHIMES study- This was published in November 2016 in Journal of Clinical Neuroscience.
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Use of the Original full version NIHSS to evaluate patients’ stroke severity is recommended

  • Comparison Between the Original and Shortened Versions of the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale in Ischemic Stroke Patients of Intermediate Severity.
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Patients who have moderately severe strokes and longer Onset to Treatment Time (OTT) demonstrate better treatment effects with MLC601.

  • The value of patient selection in demonstrating treatment effect in stroke recovery trials: Lessons from the CHIMES study of MLC601.
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CHIMES-E Study results

  • CHInese Medicine NeuroAiD Efficacy on Stroke Recovery – Extension Study (CHIMES-E): A Multicenter Study of Long-Term Efficacy
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Patients with 2 or more predictors of poorer outcome have better treatment effect with MLC601 than patients with single or no prognostic factor.
[Predictors of poorer outcome -Age, Sex/Gender, Baseline National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale score and Time to first dose]

The SPAN-100 [Stroke Prognostication using Age and National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS)] index can predict functional outcome following ischemic stroke across its spectrum.

  • Using the full span of the SPAN-100 index to predict functional outcome in the CHIMES Study.
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Treatment Response of Patients from the Philippines in the CHIMES Study

  • Baseline characteristics and treatment response of patients in the Philippines in the CHIMES study.
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Reduction of Early Vascular Events in Patients After Stroke: (The CHIMES Study)

  • Effects of MLC601 on Early Vascular Events in Patients After Stroke.
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Primary paper on CHIMES Study: NeuroAiD at acute and sub-acute stage of stroke and meta-analysis updated

  • Chinese Medicine Neuroaid Efficacy on Stroke Recovery: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Study.
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Systematic Review of NeuroAiD in Poststroke Recovery

  • Efficacy and Safety of MLC601 (NeuroAiD), a Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Poststroke Recovery: A Systematic Review.
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MLC601 is safe in acute stroke patients undergoing 3 months of treatment.

  • Safety Profile of MLC601 (Neuroaid) in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients: A Singaporean Sub study of the Chinese Medicine Neuroaid Efficacy on Stroke Recovery.
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