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Academic clinical research addresses major public health issues to establish new standards of care but also to facilitate the validation of new agents in existing therapeutic strategies.

The scientific and medical advances achieved by academic research have greatly contributed to healthcare improvement and management of patients, particularly in the field of stroke relying on multidisciplinary approaches.The costs of clinical research and training are becoming a troublesome issue for academic medical centers. If clinical research capacity in the academic setting is lost, some fear, there will be an immediate and direct influence on the volume and types of clinical trials that will be conducted and only few chance of conducting innovative, and potentially high benefit investigations for patients.

In 2007, the National Medical Research Council of Singapore has confirmed an important grant which combined with initial industry support received by CHIMES Society support received by CHIMES Society, enables to kick off research in Singapore. Moleac the company marketing Neuroaid is supporting CHIMES financially to conduct the study in international sites.

CHIMES has been funded by

A. Singapore site coordinators
B. Singapore sites trial Medications

A. International Sites
B. International site trial Medications
C. International site monitoring

CHIMES Society will continue to raise donation from:

  • Individuals
  • Corporate and public institutions

To implement and roll out its research faster so results may ultimately benefit stroke patients