CHIMES Organization

chen-christopherDr Christopher Chen
National University of Singapore , Singapore

Dr Christopher Chen is a Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medecine, National University of Singapore. Dr Christopher Chen is a Neurologist trained in the UK. Currently he is Chair of the Chapter of Neurologists, College of Physicians, Singapore; member of the finance Subcommittee of the World Federation of Neurology and International Stroke Society Board of Directors. He has written more than 120 papers and 5 book chapters. He has taken part to several clinical studies such as DIAS, ONTARGET, ESPRIT, VITATIOPS, PASS II, GAIN, POST or IST.

ramani-n Dr. N.V. Ramani
National University Hospital, Singapore

Dr. N. V. Ramani is a Senior Consultant at the National University Hospital of Singapore, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Senior Lecturer with the Faculty of Medecine, National University of Singapore. He is presently clinical coordinator for stroke at the TTSH campus, chairman of the joint Cluster Stroke Disease Management program, Chairman of the National Stroke Registry Committee and Chairman of the Ministry of Health’s Clinical Practice Guidelines for stroke and TIA. DrRamani’s present research interests include clinical trial of medications in acute stroke, neuroepidemiology and neurosonology.

bouser-marie Prof. Marie-Germaine Bousser
Hopital Lariboisiere, Paris, France

Prof. Bousser is a professor of Neurology at Paris University and the Head of the Neurology department at Lariboisiere Hospital. She is a member of the Academy of Medicine. Professor Bousser is a member of the Council of the American Stroke association and a member of the Steering Committee on Venous Thrombosis. From 1992 to 2000, she was the foreign editor of Stroke. She has published about six hundred articles, most of them on headaches and cerebrovascular diseases.

Trial Steering Committee Comprises:


  • Dr.BernardChan: National University Hospital
  • Dr. Chang Hui Meng: Singapore General Hospital
  • Dr. Rajinder Singh: National NeuroScience Institute
  • Dr. Sherry Young: Changi General Hospital

  • Dr.HerminigildoGan: Jose Reyes Memorial Center
  • Dr. Annabelle Lao: Davao Medical Center, Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital, Brokenshire Hospital
  • Dr. Maraia Teresa A. canete:ChongHua Hospital, Visayas Community Medical Center
  • Dr.Carlos Chua: Philippine General Hospital
  • Dr.JoelAdvincula: West Visayas State University Medical Center

  • Dr.SamaratNitinum: PramongktulaHospital
  • Dr. SwiapornChankrachang: Chiang Mai University Hospital
  • Dr.SombatMungtavepongsa: Thammasat Hospital
  • Dr.NijasriC.Suwanwela: King Chualalongkorn Memorial Hospital
  • Dr.SomachaiTowanbut: Prasat Neurological Institute
  • Dr.SomsakLaptikultham: Rajvithee Hospital

  • Prof. Asita de Silva: University of Kelaniya
Hong Kong:

  • Dr.Lawrence Wong: Prince Wales of Hospital

  • Dr. EowGaikBee: PenangGeneral Hospital